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West Village: 3/7/16   

Instructor: Melanie

We had an early start this morning, my mom, our friend Kelsey, and I hopped in the carIMG_1154 and raced to the West Village. I was feeling much better when I woke up and was ready to take on the day!

Melanie is an incredible human being. I have never felt so compelled to hug an instructor during a class. The room was filled with love.

The class flew by. I lost myself in the music and rode with all of the strength I had left in my body. The music was so different compared to any other class I had taken, but I loved it.

“Her songs are the tracks on the album that aren’t picked for radio. Solid beats, inspirational lyrics and she only plays what she can connect to….not what’s trendy or what she thinks her riders want to hear because it’s cool at the time. She plays what she feels inspired by and by what she can offer to the class in the moment” – Kelsey

The coolest thing, I thought, was that Melanie was the first rider ever to become an instructor. She is such an inspiration and made it easy to want to ride as hard as I could.

Anticipating sign-ups at noon, we took to the trendy streets of the West Village and settled down for brunch. I had the most amazing gluten-free French toast at Wild. Also, sign-ups were a success, and I am looking forward to my 13 classes booked for the week!

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