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Photo courtesy of @superwillie on Instagram with instructor Rachel Loebs

Willie has so much heart and so much love to give. His class radiates with it. It is so clear how proud he is to be where he is today as a SoulCycle instructor and that is so admirable. It was my first time taking Willie’s class last week and it was so silly– I loved it. We were doing all sorts of dance moves during weights and I couldn’t stop smiling. Willie asked me if I felt the love during his class and I definitely did.

You shared with me the adversity you faced growing up, how has this shaped your class?

Growing up was tough, and going into the military was even tougher. My classes have been shaped by those experiences through pure unadulterated passion! I love having the opportunity to teach SoulCycle . It’s not something that I aspired to do or even thought was a possibility for me. Everything I say in class I truly mean. Working hard and moving forward without knowing what will happen can pay off. That’s exactly what I did and I found a way out of no way.

How has your life changed as a SoulCycle instructor?

My life has changed tremendously. As a model I was constantly faced with moral dilemmas, rejections and destructive criticism. I lacked stability and had a plummeting self esteem. SoulCycle has taken so much stress out of my life, my endorphins are at an all time high, I’m fitter and happier.

How do you feel you make an impact?

I tell my story. It is a story of perseverance, struggle, tears, and sweat. When I ask for people to dig deep it’s coming from a real place. We truly train our mind and bodies to keep going, even when it’s hard and we want to give up on that room, just like in life.

You’re an inspiration to so many people, who is your inspiration?

I have a good friend, Anthony Burrell. The man has been through hell and back and he’s at the top of his game! Doing some major things and has for a while. The guy is one of the hardest working people I know and he makes me want to work that much harder myself. There’s also, Oprah, JayZ, and Deepak Chopra, but I don’t know them. I’m a sucker for an underdog story.

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