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West 77th Street: 3/9/16

Instructor: Elianna

Global warming is in the air today and NYC has been blessed with 75 degree weather, I feel like I’m back in Miami!

We headed over to W77 this afternoon, grabbed a quick juice at Pressed Juicery, and skipped into Eliana’s 1:00.

Eliana played a wide variety of music and every rider had a song they could jam to. My personal favorite was the opening song, Champagne Supernova by Oasis.

After class I got to speak with Elianna and she was SO sweet. It was fun to hear that her SoulCycle journey began with her mom bringing her to class when the first studio was open. It’s similar to how I took my mom to HER first class and now she’s riding like a maniac.

Chloe Glenn Eat Pray Soul Photo Shoot - photo by Andrew Werner, AHW_2879

Me and Mama G

Lunch Break

IMG_0348.jpgAfter our ride, we found ourselves in cute, little, Italian cafe. It’s becoming a habit that I devour my food before documenting, it’s what SoulCycle does to you. With that being said, I had a delicious dish of spaghetti with cherry tomatoes. SO GOOD.

I also got cereal milk froyo at Momofuku Milkbar, which is always a necessity.

With some time to kill before W92, we strolled around, enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!



West 92nd Street: 3/9/16

Instructor: Monique

W 92nd has gotten a facelift since the last I was there, 69 BIKES– THATS INSANE. No surprise every bike was filled for Mo’s 6:30 class, which made the energy incredible.

I think I blacked-out in the 6:30 class, so I lost all my sanity and signed up for the 7:30 class afterwards. Let’s just say, I will NOT be able to move my arms tomorrow.


Mo is a maniac, but that’s what makes her class so great. If you can keep up and ignore the pain, the impact on your body is remarkable. But like I’ve said before, you’ll hear a lot about her class because she’s my OG favorite.

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