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Southport: 3/26/16

Instructor: Devin

In all sincerity, I was not ready for my alarm to go off at 7:15 this morning. I sluggishly rolled out of bed to hit the alarm and got ready for our first class.

There are a lot of stairs at Southport, similar to the ones at FIDI in NYC. Once you get up them you walk into smiles and hellos. I was so excited to take Devin’s class, one thing that stood out to me in his bio was, “No judgements; only love.” This is what everyone needs in their life and class was nothing short of it.

Devin was very diligent in telling us what we were going to be doing for each song, he emphasized the importance of everyone moving together. I really liked Devin’s choreography, we did a little bit of everything. One move that I loved was smacking the sides of the handle-bars, right then left. It was sassy.


Carly, Soeuraya, Devin, Me, Sydney

After class we raced over to The Loop to take class with Aya. Later, we visited The Bean at Millennium Park. It’s a lot larger than I thought, it was super cool. After a few hundred photos and some selfies, we were off to lunch.Sydney discovered this scrumptious, healthy spot called Brightwok Kitchen. I got the Eat Right Bowl that had Thai basil sauce with chicken, peppers, broccoli, carrots, onions, and brown rice. It was exactly what I needed.


Me, Sydney, Soeuraya, Carly

I can’t believe I go home tomorrow. This weekend has flown by way too quickly, I love being with my sisters– they’re my best friends! It is so much fun when we are all together, plus Soeuraya is so fun to be with. We’re having a blast.

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