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SoHo: 3/5/16

Instructor: Paige

Holy Moly. Entering class today was WILD. With a minute to spare, I jumped out of the car, left my mother behind, and hopped on bike 8. I felt bad leaving my mom behind, but as many riders know, every rider for themselves when it comes to securing your bike.

My frazzled energy was immediately focused into following the intricate choreography. Paige introduced a new way to tap-it-back and it’s SASSY. The class was instructed to alternate their hands, tapping back with both hands on the right bar and then switching to the left. Yes, this doesn’t make sense, so I am telling you, you MUST take her class and experience it yourself.Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 2.48.08 PMI let my inner spaz loose from time to time and today was no exception. While riding home, Paige set us up for a quick song and asked us to tap-it-back in a circle. Let me just say, I was that uncoordinated kid in hip-hop class who could not body roll. This was not a move made for me. However, I did enjoy the idea and the laughs.

Paige was so kind. Her class felt genuine and people were happy. I loved beginning the day at SOHO. The staff was incredible, they setup my bike before I arrived and made the experience amazing.

For all the people worried out there– yes, my mother did make the class!

Lunch Break: Balzem

Breakfast is essential… even if it is two in the afternoon. My cousin Lindsay rode Paige’s giphy.gifclass with us and brought us to Balzem afterwards. Balzem is this super trendy, super SoHo-esk restaurant on Mott Street.

Anticipating the next class, I decided on a protein packed meal: avocado toast with a poached egg. Tell me this doesn’t look AMAZING.

Spoiler alert: it was.

Balzem was a perfect pit-stop before our NoHo class and super quick!

NoHo: 3/5/16

Instructor: Samantha J.

Samantha is FIERCE. I was caught off guard when she began class; she is a powerhouse in her perfectly petite body. The class was hip-hop themed. The theme created a strong, definitive, effortless beat to follow and made the class IMG_0293.jpgso fun.

Every tiny bit of anger I have ever felt was released during arm series. Samantha had the class punch it out for the majority of the song. It was exhilarating. I felt so determined and strong.

Something Samantha said during our run home greatly resonated with me. While sprinting to the end, she said something like, “you are up here by choice. You have fought through it and not around it.” It made me realize that have the ability to choose greatness, and fight for me. No one else can do that for me.

Day two was a success! So excited and proud to have met Paige and Samantha. Their classes were a blast.

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