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Soeuraya, as mentioned so often before on my blog, has become a sister figure in my eyes. That alone should give you an idea about her class– she establishes a very personal atmosphere and acknowledges each rider in the room. I have rode over 200 classes with Ms. Glitter Booty (#glitterbootynation) and I am so thankful for all the love and care she has given me. I tell her often that she is the one keeping me sane through my first year of college and has become my confidant. These are the relationships that SoulCycle fosters and what makes me feel so much for the community.

What is glitter booty? What kind of person embodies the Glitter Booty Nation?

To be a part of the #glitterbootynation you just have to ride with us in Miami. Anyone can be a #glitterbooty. Man, woman, child, all ages.

It’s almost as if you got this badass secret power, only the secret power is YOU. Just the way you are. A glitterbooty is able to lift others up around them and give them a little glitter when they need it.

What is the inspiration behind the messages you preach?

I always just try to look at it as a conversation. You can ask my riders, sometimes it gets weird depending on the day I’ve had, ha!

We cry together, we laugh together, we sweat together. My inspiration is also just what I see my riders go through on a daily basis. So much strength and courage. When I feel like I have nothing to say I just look at the faces around me and that is inspiration enough.

How has your life changed as a SoulCycle instructor?

Not that much actually. Only now I get to eat all those donuts and not feel so bad.

How do you feel you make an impact?

God I hope I make an impact! When people come up and thank you and just smile and let you know how much fun they had or how they felt comfortable enough to cry that is all I could ask for. I want to be able to provide a space for my riders to be comfortable and to be strong and push through whatever is making them feel less than that.

You’re an inspiration to so many people, who is your inspiration?

It’s hard not to be inspired by the many people I come in contact with on a daily basis. I’m inspired by my co workers and the staff that do this job so selflessly and by my other instructors.What we do is not easy and to be able to get up day after day and give what we do that is something to be inspired by.

..And hot dog eating champ Miki Sudo.

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