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I first met Reed through an Instagram comment… my Aunt Bonnie rode with Reed religiously at the Short Hill’s studio and was sad for him to leave but excited for me to meet him! Reed’s class is fire. He is so passionate about what he does, and it is so evident while on the podium. Once riders get hyped up in his class, it’s a party all the way to the ride home.

What was it like teaching pride rides all last week?

It’s funny not all of them were scheduled pride rides but they ended up being all about pride!  It was all about being proud and owning who you are!  Pride is a holiday that lands close to home for me and I am glad I could share the feeling of, ‘owning being different,’ with my riders.

How has your class changed since moving to the MIA SoulCycle scene?

The major change to my class since moving to the MIA SoulCycle scene is my appreciation for latin party music.  Over the past 3 months I have been opening my ear to anything from top hits from J. Lo and Shakira, to party poppers from Pit Bull and Prince Royce.  There are also plenty of songs that have Spanish versions such as Justin Beiber’s, ‘Sorry ft. J Balvin,’ or Beyonce’s, ‘Irremplazable (irreplaceable)’.  It has been interesting for me to find places in my playlists for this new sound to flow with the rest of my genre selections.  I am a lover of almost every type of music so Miami has introduced me to another genre to add to that list.

How has your life changed as a SoulCycle instructor?

My life has changed in so many positive ways since becoming an instructor.  The biggest change that is most present in my life is self awareness.  Before being an instructor I didn’t really check in with myself through mediation, yoga, etc. on a daily basis.  Just being aware of where I am on the spectrum of feeling really well or not doing so great, and being ok with wherever that is.  After acknowledging where I am, being present on how I want to manifest where I want to be.  There is something about accomplishing difficult tasks with likeminded people on a daily basis that keeps me checked in and inspires me.

How do you feel you make an impact?

It really is just back and forth communication.  What happens in the dark rooms with candles is a mutual responsibility from me and from my riders.  I feel that I make an impact by being one of the small starting parts that create a SoulCycle experience.

You’re an inspiration to so many people, who is your inspiration?

I can’t say that one person comes to mind.  I can say that it’s anyone who embraces a challenge and rises above it.  I believe that we all have the power to do it.  Sometimes it takes a push to get you there, sometimes you need to push yourself.


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