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Chelsea: 3/4/16

Instructor: Monique

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to my first ride. However, the nerves quickly subsided when I stepped into the Chelsea studio on Friday. I was greeted with hugs and smiles from my friends and familiar riders. I was so happy to be there.

This was the first time I rode at the Chelsea studio and oh my goodness it is beautiful. Not only the studio itself but also the area it’s in. Before arriving, I was treated to doughnuts at the Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market.

Chloe Glenn Eat Pray Soul Photo Shoot - photo by Andrew Werner, AHW_2615.jpg

stuffing my face with doughnuts

I get wild when I see a doughnut shop, so no surprise this was my favorite spot before hitting up the CHLS studio. Of course, they aren’t the healthiest choice but with a little justification (the fact that I’m riding a gazillion classes in a week) I was able to convince myself to splurge. The scrumptious sweets sent me into a much-needed sugar high before class. Chelsea Market is LOADED with all different types of cuisine, a suitable place for a picky eater like me.

I then spent time up on the High Line– it’s incredible. I was freezing my butt off but with the view, it was worth it

Chloe Glenn Eat Pray Soul Photo Shoot - photo by Andrew Werner, AHW_2870.jpgClass was inspiring. Mo has always been my go-to instructor when I’m home because she is the one who motivated me to become so invested in Soul. Her classes are incredibly uplifting and cleansing. The light she brings to class always creates incredible energy. Granted, she is TOUGH– if you aren’t losing the doughnuts you had before class, you are not doing it right.

I went into class totally out of it. My head felt like it was underwater and I was battling a nasty cough. A song had flown by, and I was brought back to reality with, “Chlo, are you good?” I looked up at Mo and gave her a quick shake of the head; she said, “look at the person next to you, he is going to give you all the strength you need.” And for the rest of the class he did. The community SoulCycle is built around is powerful, the things we could do with the support from others.

After class, I felt lighter and healthier. “Mother Mo” convinced me to save W27th for later in the week and get some rest. I can get a bit stubborn when it comes to missing classes, and I wouldn’t dare tell her this to her face, but I am so happy I took her advice and slept!

I get to take Mo’s class at two other city locations this week, and one in the burbs. I can’t get enough motivation!

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