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The Loop: 3/25/16

Instructor: Anthony

I kicked off Chicago with my sister Carly and COGA/SOBE Instructor Soeuraya. Sydney (my otha sista) is arriving tonight!!

The Loop studio is magnificent. It is directly across from the river and is all kinds of beautiful. As a first time visitor in Chicago, I was in awe– the city is GORGEOUS.

DSC_0006Anthony means business. His class is orchestrated to empower riders to present themselves as confident– if you give up, then it isn’t worth going to class. If you step into his class, you better turn up your resistance, because he will find you and do it for you if you don’t. The overall tone was very serious. You can tell how proud Anthony is of his regular riders.

We reunited with Sydney, and the four of us headed to The Little Goat, an amazing diner tucked away in the West Loop. After a day of traveling, touring the city, and SoulCycle, we had big eyes when ordering. I got breakfast, because what else do you order at 10pm? Dark chocolate chip crunch pancakes, bacon, and a biscuit… need I say more? IT WAS TOO GOOD and it made me happy (because chocolate is everything).

The Loop: 3/26/16

Instructor: Aya


me and soeuraya rocking our food leggings

Has anyone ever told you how cold Chicago is? Yeah, they’re not exaggerating. This is my first time riding in cold weather– I became a rider in June and go to school in

Miami– it’s incredibly painful. My body HATES the cold, the whole day I have been singing in my head, “my mind’s telling me yes, but my body’s telling me no.” Arthritis feasts on me when I’m exposed to such frigid weather and oy vey it is something.

I just HAD to take Aya’s class. She and Soeuraya trained with each other (and Devin and Jaclyn) and I have only heard such great things. There was no way the pain was going to keep me from riding.

Aya bursts with happiness and a super fun attitude, characteristics that shine in her class. The energy was wild. Everyone was excited and it felt like a room filled with friends. She even played a Say My Name remix (original), and at that moment she stole my heart. The air felt so light, everyone was comfortable with each other. I was also really happy because I got to rock my doughnut leggings— which are AMAZING.

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