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Photo courtesy of @johannaltorres on Instagram

I just love Johanna. She is always excited when I take her class and I am so happy to be there. Johanna has the kindest energy. I usually ride with her Wednesday mornings, but last week I decided to take her 6:30am COGA ride. What a wonderful way to wake-up!!! Her music helped create a unified energy among the riders and it felt like we truly support each other. Believe me, I need all the support I can get at 6:30am.

How do you bring energy into your rooster classes?

I always make sure my energy is way up!  The music always has to be right as well. My music for my roosters is always very upbeat and gets them right into the mood but at the same time it gives them opportunity to warm up and then leads them into  having the best journey and workout so that they feel ready to take on the rest of their day.

How is being a SoulCycle instructor similar to being an NFL cheerleader?

Being an instructor is very similar to being an NFL Cheerleader. I have to make sure to  give them energy, cheer them on, and motivate them. Just like when I danced my heart out on the football field to get the crowd excited, is the same way I ride my bike. I like my riders to know that i’m in it with them. Just like as an NFL Cheerleader we want the crowd to be excited about the game, I want my riders to be excited about each ride at SoulCycle so that they don’t give up and they push themselves to a higher level each time.

How has your life changed as a SoulCycle instructor?

Tremendously! Not only do I love what I do, it’s so inspiring to see the lives we touch through SoulCycle. It’s made me want to push myself more so that I can continue to help others reach their goals as well.

How do you feel you make an impact?

I believe that  my strong faith foundation and fitness background really helps me to inspire others in that beautiful dark room. Everyday I make it a goal to make sure everyone feels good about themselves and stronger when they leave my class.

You’re an inspiration to so many people, who is your inspiration?

I can list so many people that inspire me! But honestly the Soul Community and the riders that walk into that studio everyday are inspiring to me as well. To see their growth and dedication is powerful.

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