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East 83rd Street: 3/11/16

Instructor: Stacey

So let me begin by saying that I was very strict about going to each class without prior knowledge or hearsay about the instructor. This was tough when it came to Stacey. She is a God in the SoulCycle community, and everyone had a comment when asking if I were taking her class. With that being said, I now understand why. The class was unbelievable.

E 83 is rigged with the coolest props I have ever seen. Imagine yourself in a SoulCycle class, doing your thang, and then BAM—blue lights and disco balls flash the room. Class became the ultimate dance party.DSC_0007

What were most memorable for me were the stories Stacey told throughout class. She spent an entire song, running the length of the studio back and forth, telling us about how she would take her cross-country team into a 7/11 to get Slurpee’s during a run. It was hysterical.

I was then taken aback when we had to pedal in reverse for a song. That was a new experience for me, and it was SO weird. Good weird, not bad weird. I had never even thought riding in reverse was legal in a SoulCycle class, I felt liberated.

Stacey is an inspiration, and I’m so happy I got to experience her class.

Financial District: 3/11/16

Instructor: Chris C.

DSC_0010It was cool transitioning from an Instructor who has been at Soul since the beginning and going to one who has just started out. Chris was also an inspiration. Just a little older than me, he shared that he was a recovering addict, and SoulCycle has changed his life.

His past as a DJ and dancer has helped shaped his class into a non-stop dance party. Chris had a mix prepared for class that was incredibly unique. When he had heard about my project, Chris was so quick to ask for suggestions for his class. He was super friendly and kind—I can’t wait to hear about all of his successes as an instructor.

TriBeCa: 3/11/16

Instructor: Rique

Chris was sandwiched between two master instructors today. I ended today with Rique, a powerhouse in the studio. His instruction is mind blowing. The way he focuses the room, to have every rider work together as one, is crazy. Rique’s constant encouragement is empowering. His way of connecting is a real art, one you have to experience in person.

The third class of the day and the feeling that I wanted to be there, helped me push through. The class was hard. The pace was fast and upbeat; I LOVE fast classes. A unique thing we did in Rique’s class was holding the middle bar while riding; this woke up a bunch of sleeping muscles.

When class was over, I got off the bike and was hit with exhaustion. Today was insane, and I am so happy I am fulfilling such an inspirational dream. Only four studios to go!!!polar-bear-tired

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