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East 54th Street: 3/10/16

Instructor: Rich

Another day, another Soul class and for some reason, we still haven’t figured out the right time to leave to arrive on time. Flashback to Saturday, when I sprinted into Paige’s class at the SoHo studio and left my mom behind—this was the exact situation today running into Rich’s 9:30.

I hate being late. I always feel terrible when I am and have a much higher heart rate when I get on the bike. However, I quickly got into the groove in Rich’s class. I am eternally grateful to the woman next to me who kindly handed me a towel from the empty bike next to her. I needed that towel.

Rich’s upbeat energy made the small class feel like a filled room. There was so much enthusiasm, a common theme among each ride! He made an effort to acknowledge each rider present, and that made the class incredibly soulful.

Lunch Break

tumblr_o0y3oxHFc41tmsoxjo1_500Before Bryant Park, we met up with Mo and her sister Brooke at Le Pain Quotidien. Surprise, surprise I got the avocado toast. I could only scarf down so much—I didn’t want to see it again in an hour.

Bryant Park: 3/10/16

Instructor: Monique


Mama G and Mo

I know, I know you have déjà vu. Yes, as always her class was incredibly hard.

Today I wasn’t entirely focused on the pain I was feeling, but something Mo had said to me yesterday, I need to change my face while riding. I put a lot more effort into smiling through the pain, developing a stronger poker face. I flashed my pearly whites at Mo whenever we caught eyes, just to make sure she knew I didn’t have the same goofy look as before. I’d give myself a 10 out of 10 easy.

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