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Brooklyn Heights: 3/6/16

Instructor: Selena

I decided to be stupid this morning. I pranced into class with a raging fever, disregarding my body begging me not to. I have got to keep up with my schedule, cannot stray from the spreadsheet!!

The soul in Selena’s class was the perfect medicine. I gladly sat back row and got to observe. Riders were so happy to be there. The atmosphere was casual and felt like a large gathering of friends.

Selena made it clear that as riders, we were allowed to do whatever made us most comfortable. I felt less anxious about sitting and did my thang.giphy-1When class was over, and we were all stretched out, we did a one-minute plank. This allowed me to feel the muscles I had just worked in my core. I felt the burn in my center and also my fever! I made the executive decision to postpone Williamsburg for the Monday I go back to school—March 14th.

Recovery was spent in the café next door, Maison Kayser. I had the most delicious almond, chocolate croissant and chai tea latte. The snack made me feel a little better.

I spent the rest of the Sunday sleeping and it was wonderful.

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