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Photo courtesy of @allisonsantini on Instagram

Allison introduced me to the Miami SoulCycle scene– I had only heard amazing things from the Greenwich Studio. There is a reason she was so often recommended, she commands a studio so well and her class is badass. Allison is the queen of hip-hop, and riders get to ball-out every time they enter the room.

You are the hip hop queen at the Miami Soul scene, what do you like to play most in class and why?

I love me some hip-hop! One of my all-time favorite hip-hop songs to ride to is Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z. It has such a dope sound when the beat drops that even if the riders don’t know the song, they can’t help but to get excited to find their swag to it!

How has your life changed as a SoulCycle instructor?

There’s something so satisfying about finally finding your purpose, and having the opportunity to live in it each and every day. That is exactly what being a SoulCycle instructor has done for me. I am able to sweat, inspire, create, and lead– all things that I have a passion for. In turn, that has given me the opportunity to show my truest self to the world (showcasing both my old soul & rebellious sides), and has presented me with other opportunities to inspire others (becoming a Lululemon Ambassador being one of them).

How do you feel you make an impact?

As I mentioned earlier, I try my best to lead by example. I’m not out here trying to be perfect, I’m just trying to be my best ME each and every day. I can only hope my impact on others stems from how I take care of & stay true to my best self (mind & body), how I treat others, and how I deal with my epic mistakes.

You’re an inspiration to so many people, who is your inspiration?

One of my biggest inspirations is my younger brother. He is a work horse, takes care of himself, knows what he wants, and remains focused in achieving his goals. He’s just a different breed & I respect his super driven outlook on life. My other inspiration is fellow SoulCycle instructor, Amanda Kamm. She’s my twin spiritual gangster soul, and a huge part of the reason I had the courage to become a SoulCycle instructor. Love you, Killa!

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