The grand opening of SoulCycle North Shore was just one week ago, so it was about time I made the trip. In Chicago for just a few days, my sister Sydney, my mom and I have completely crashed my oldest sister’s apartment. Carly performs at Second City, and we are here to see her in a show!

We arrived to the tundra just yesterday, bundled up to the perfect “A Christmas Story” status, and found ourselves in Katie’s 4 pm class. For a studio that just opened, the place was POPPING. We were all excited to be there, especially running in from the cold. The studio was not only warm in temperature but also warm with welcome-ness and the usual Soul love.


Courtesy: Tumblr.com

The class began with one of my favorites; Inside Out by The Chainsmokers, so I just knew it was going to be great. Everyone in the room was having so much fun. There was a large group of new riders, especially since the studio just opened, and Katie was so positive and encouraging. This class was a great example of the community coming together to welcome and cheer each other on; there are now at least ten new Soul obsessed people in this world.

I couldn’t believe that Katie had just finished her training as an instructor. Her humor and realness carried boundless energy into the packed room. The whole class I had this itching feeling that I had crossed paths with her before, I couldn’t shake it. I finally asked her after class was over and she told me she had worked at E63rd before becoming an instructor! So then it clicked, and I felt a little silly for not being able to put two and two together.

Since beginning my blog, I have received some of the most rewarding comments. At least once, while in each different Soul region, there is a rider that validates my crazy adventure. Yesterday, someone part of the SoulCycle staff came up to me and expressed how she had been through a similar situation and was so inspired by my journey. Carly even started to cry. I was so touched, and it was a great reminder that I am doing something great, not just for me but also to inspire others. That, to me, is the most rewarding part of my adventure.

Today I’m heading back to the studio, but not to ride. Roo, who was the manager of Bronxville, moved to be the manager of North Shore. How lucky they are to have her! SoulCycle isn’t just about a workout; it’s also about fostering relationships. It is so easy to build these relationships at Soul because everyone shows their strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly vulnerabilities. Roo got to know every single rider at Bronxville and made everyone feel at home, and I am so sure she will be doing the same at North Shore. Today I just can’t wait to run in and give her a big hug.