Song: Still Falling For You (Jonas Blue Remix) By Ellie Goulding

The traditional template I follow with each new soul destination is to write out each day and provide an in depth discussion of each instructor—this trip I wanted to do something a little different. To me, Boston showed me a different side of the SoulCycle community; it showed me that it could bring people together who aren’t necessarily part of the “pack”.

I was lucky to have one of my closest and dearest friends, Lauren, accompany me on my trip to Boston. She had ridden only once before and I was the bully that booked her front and center. No one has ever picked up rhythm faster than this girl and I had not a single doubt in my mind that she couldn’t handle it. Lauren was an absolute rockstar and I was not one bit surprised.

During our travels we rode at Back Bay with James L, Chestnut Hill with Sal, and Beacon Hill with Sara. We had an absolute blast in each class. My foodie friend Laur picked the best spots for us to dine and she hit the nail on the head. We stuffed our faces with doughnuts, crème puffs, cannoli’s, PIZZA, and whatever else we could get our hands on. This trip we got to stay with my oldest sister’s closest friend, Alexa, who is essentially my third sister. We shared so, so many laughs and I was excited to spend time with her.

This trip separated me from my usual soul community, but it was so exciting to show my friends a slice of my world. The word slice… it’s bringing me back to the pizza again (it was so good, go to OTTO in Newburyport if you’re ever hungry in MA). The video above is just another slice into my world ;).


Courtesy of Giphy