Kate C.

My Dad and I began our trip this morning on a train from New York to Union Station. Our first stop after getting settled was to Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken… because why wouldn’t you stuff your face with deliciousness before a SoulCycle class? I soon learned why at KC’s 6:30 class at the West End studio.

Wimg_0263hat a wonderful way to begin our DC adventures, KC was dynamite. Her class was a huge dance party with pumping music; I forgot that I was working out. KC was bursting with passion for her role as an instructor; she filled the room with the happiest energy. As my dad would say, “good workout, good music, good time.”

Once class was over, my dad and I got to spend some time with KC and the rest of the West End staff. Everyone could not have been nicer. We took plenty of photos, chatted it up, and I even debuted on KC’s Snapchat— haaaay. Thank you, KC and the entire West End studio for a fantastic DC welcome!

So we were off, back to the hotel— ready for room service and a good nights sleep! We have a big weekend ahead of us.

West End Staff: Anyone in the men’s bathroom?
Dad: SOUL man

… because he was the only one in there