In a hotel room without windows to the outside, wake-up was rough. Sharing a hotel room with my dad is definitely a comedy routine. Very thankful there are two TVs, one designated to political coverage and one for Food Network—if you know my dad, you know how much he loves his Chopped! (Totally joking, I am a hard-core Food Network addict). Anyhoo, we eventually got our butts moving out the door and to the Mount Vernon studio!

Natalia is the SWEETEST. She was quick to greet me with a huge hug at the beginning of class. During the class, the bike on the right of me was empty, so Natalia would ride there from time to time—I loved that. It was so easy to absorb her energy and spread it around to all the riders. That, to me, is one of the most important traits an instructor can have.


One of my favorite parts of class is when Natalia had us transitioning from second to third position and lessening the counts every round. My core was on fire. I loved all the choreography she instructed us to do. Natalia brought a refreshing and unique style to class.

After we left the Mount Vernon studio, my dad and I took to the streets and did a little sight seeing. We walked the National Mall and I saw all the monuments for the first time since I was really young. It was cool to see it all again!