Chris Pepe

It’s not a glamorous lifestyle hopping from studio to studio; beauty sleep doesn’t prove to exist and you would agree if you saw my dad and I Saturday morning. We struggled to wake-up in our windowless hotel room and once we finally were, first stop were doughnuts in Georgetown. Doughnuts were my only motivation.


The disappointment was too real

Imagine the excitement you have towards eating what has been advertised as one of the best doughnuts, the buildup from the twenty-minute walk to the bakery as your mouth waters with anticipation. Now imagine running to the doors of that very bakery, opening them wide open, and the employee behind the counter looking at you skeptically exclaiming, “I’m sorry, we haven’t received the dough for today yet.” Pure disappointment. I keep writing, “maybe I’m over exaggerating,” and keep deleting it because if someone tells you you’re in for a great doughnut and they donut deliver, then disappointment is inevitable.

The only thing that could cheer me up would be the one thing that I value as much as doughnuts, a great SoulCycle class, and unlike the bakery, Chris Pepe delivered. A soul survivor on a Saturday morning is usually how my family kicks off the weekend, so Dad and I were representing at the Georgetown studio. The class went by SUPER fast. The music in his playlist made the class synchronized, not just on the correct foot, but also with expressions of happiness and determination. It was a room united in a desire to give it your all.

For our recovery, aka lunch, we found ourselves devouring large plates of food at Marvin’s Tavern. Once I got to the state where my dad could roll me out the door, we set out for the 14th Street studio.