Bethesda is only a short drive away from the DC studios, so it was a no brainer to group them all together. Although it was just my dad and I in the car, my mom was just as excited back in New York. As a University of Maryland Alum, my mom had planned for us to meet up with her college roommates and all ride together. It was so fun riding seeing them and having a community so far from home.


It couldn’t be clearer how loved Wayne is. His class was packed with smiles and enthusiasm. The room emanated a feeling that made you feel as if you were in the right place and there was nowhere else you had to be.

By the end of class and getting to know the Bethesda staff and Wayne (who were all so amazing!), dad and I were POOPED. We retreated to the hotel, recharged, and gained motivation to get up and head out to dinner.