Rachel R.

This week has been so fun, how else would my dad want to spend Father’s Day weekend than with his favorite daughter (sorry Syd and Carly). Together we rode five classes in three days, and our last ride was nothing short of exciting.

Rachel brought a particular lightness to the room; her energy was refreshing. Back in June, Rachel was just beginning her journey as an instructor; her infectious enthusiasm packed the room. I can only speak for myself and say how much I loved a class, but it was pretty obvious that the rest of the riders in the front row were having a blast.


What an exciting weekend. I can officially say my dad has hit my level of craziness. Our last few hours in DC were spent a little quieter than usual, too exhausted to speak or too much food in our mouths. Eat in Eat Pray Cycle was emphasized on this trip, so much so that my dad has nicknamed me the bottomless pit. A nickname I am proud of—bring on the doughnuts.