At the beginning of June, I took a day trip to Short Hills, New Jersey. My two friends, Cari and Morgan, joined me for the day and my sister Sydney met us at the studio. We began our morning with a class taught by Nick S.

Nick’s energy was contagious. His playlist consisted of the catchiest pop songs, and everyone was able to jam out together. It was a giant, Sunday morning dance party. Nick knows how to hype a room. My sister and I couldn’t help but keep smiling at each other throughout the ride because we were having a blast. My friend Cari and I rode next to each other in synchronized fashion and could pick Morgan out with the help of the mirror. It was so nice to still have a sense of my home studio community in a different SoulCycle region. The class went by incredibly fast. After, I spoke with Nick, and he couldn’t be nicer. It was a great way to spend the morning.

We said goodbye to Syd, and Cari, Morgan and I hit the road and took on Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg. Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn Flea Food Market that hosts the trendiest food vendors of NY. Naturally, I hit the pizza tents and devoured the doughnuts from Dough. The food was fantastic.