Union Street: 5/31/16

Instructor: Tiff

Tiff was really cool. Her vibe was very Californian: laid back and comfortable to be around. The overall energy of the room felt very familiar, as if I had met all the riders before—a true sense of community.

Time and time again, Tiff reminded us to “turn it up.” I struggled to keep the beat, but what motivated me the most was Tiff’s reminder that the ride isn’t about perfection. Being a perfectionist myself, I find it hard to push those thoughts aside naturally, so her powerful messages were inspiring.

I loved the music. Every “Soul region” I go to, I find that there is a specific taste or umbrella of music that each class embodies. A class could have a completely different genre playing than another but, to me, the location is recognizable regardless. This is one of the factors I look forward most to when I am traveling. Tiff really hit if off with her playlist and started the week off right.

Union Street was an awesome studio; in true SoulCycle fashion the staff couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you for welcoming me to the NorCal scene!