SOMA: 6/2/16

Instructors: Lauren M. | Tirrell

Everyone in this state cannot stop talking about the Warriors. Lauren played this very well into her class, emphasizing one of the SoulCycle core mantras: warrior. She was so energetic running around the room, I couldn’t stop smiling—she brought so much fun energy!

One thing that Lauren said that I loved was something about how all your hard work doesn’t have to be validated or noticed with likes, retweets, or shares, but by the 50 plus other riders witnessing your hard work in class instead. That in class the validation is stronger than any social media button.

Lauren stole my dad’s heart with her remix of Landslide after weights, I could tell he was happy when we caught eyes and he aggressively waved at me. My dad is always looking for an instructor who can incorporate some of his favorite tunes into a class and California has proven to be a promising location for catchy “dad” music—shout out also to Ginny!


After spending the day eating our way through San Francisco, my parents and I decided to book bikes in Tirrell’s Beyoncé v. Rihanna ride later that night. Of course after booking my bike I had a little peace of mind and dove right into an In n’ Out burger. It was delicious. #noragrets.

Tirrell is a rockstar. Of course I had my doubts at the beginning of class when he proclaimed his love for Rihanna over Beyoncé, however I soon got over our differences with the help of his bomb choreography. He also had a REALLY cute dog that gave me many kisses.

The whole class loved the Beyoncé v. Rihanna theme, I sat in the back with my parents and could just watch all the riders jam out to every mix and just have fun with it. The class felt careless, in the best way possible. We were all there to have an awesome time!