Palo Alto: 6/3/16

Instructor: Ginny

Palo Alto was a beautiful studio, and it was a beautiful day when we got to visit! Ginny was incredibly down to earth, her class was so soulful. Something about her presence made the room feel so homey. I had the pleasure of riding directly in front of Ginny and she gave off amazing energy, which made the class go by so quickly.

We rocked out to the Beach Boys and other fun artists highlighting the warm weather. Like Lauren, Ginny’s playlist really appealed to my dad—he couldn’t stop raving about it. Ginny hosts five pound Fridays, which I really admired, but didn’t participate in. I thought her arm series was hard enough with my one-pound weights!

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer environment to spend our Friday morning in, not to mention a great place to burn off our National Doughnut Day celebrations. Ginny was so kind and welcoming, my parents and I could not stop raving about her class. I think what was so nice, that is rare, is that her class appealed to all three of us (I want to say appealed to a large age range, but I would get some lip from my lovely parents– stay young kids).