Marin: 6/1/16

Instructor: Ian

Ian is awesome. He is one of those people that you just want to be around because he gives off such incredible energy. I thought he was really funny and easy to listen to during class. His attention to detail when correcting form was extremely helpful and insightful.

Marin was the perfect place to celebrate my one-year Souliversary! We rocked out to a killer playlist that had all the California vibes. Ian had told me that he’s been exposed to so many different types of music because growing up his dad was a musician. This definitely added uniqueness to his class.

The class community was so friendly. I rode a few bikes down from another Chloe who was obviously killing it because Ian kept cheering her on and would then cheer me on as well—he then had to clarify that there were multiple Chloes in the class and introduced us, it was hilarious. The happiness that instructors stir up is what makes the community so welcoming, I think that is one of the coolest skills that an instructor could have.