Castro: 6/4/16

Instructor: Rachael Brooke

Walking to the Castro studio, everything is painted rainbow– it’s amazing. When you walk into the gorgeous studio, you are greeted with a rainbow Polaroid wall– it is also amazing. There is so much pride in this community; everyone is united. Unity was a huge factor in the Castro SoulCycle community; everybody loved everybody.

Rachael was a firecracker. Her class was everything and more, such a fun way to end my NoCal soul tour. The choreography was so entertaining; there were a lot of sequences. Rachael kept reversing the order, which made it even more fun and light-hearted.

Something that hit home with me the most was when I interviewed Rachael, and she spoke about every rider having the ability to complete class once they get on the bike. This is a mantra I live by, and practice/preach every day. If I can book myself a bike, and get on it, it doesn’t matter if my legs decide to buckle or my joints have their usual freak out, I’m clipped in, and there is no stopping me.