Dear Pre-SoulCycle Self,

Stop rolling your eyes and start to open your heart to trying new things. You’re going to try, and fail, but that’s OK. Expect less perfection and encourage new strength, to get through the failures. Scratch that– expect nothing. Begin to go through life with zero expectations, because once you do life’s quirks will become pleasant surprises.

It’s the failures that have gotten you this far. Society’s failure to see your strength and strong will, to be unaware of your daily struggle. Your failure to not shake off their ignorance and the failure to not have a voice to stand up for yourself. These failures have encouraged you to overcome and deny any limit that is placed on you. You don’t have to be silent anymore, make your voice loud and be sure it is heard.

Stop deciding your fate before you try something new. Rid yourself of all the internal warnings and be free of the worries embedded in your mind. If you fall, you can get back up. If you can’t do it alone, welcome the people who want to help you. Those are the people who will change your life.

Your stubbornness will be ridiculed. This trait has gotten you through so much–don’t let it go. Continue to be stubborn and do what you want to do, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Their invalidation should be what sets the fire under your tush to find your passions.

Dream big. Step outside your normal and begin to dream. Goals are a powerful thing, once you begin to set them and accomplish them, big or small, your determination will build. Your determination and goals have the power to inspire, embrace the impact you make.

As much as you would like it to be, your life cannot be planned. Get ready for a wild ride, because everything on your list is about to change. It’s OK if your grand scheme changes, welcome the new adventures. These new experiences cause the most wonderful people enter your life. Learn from them.

I have learned this all from a class you snicker at. Don’t listen to what other people have to say, decide on your own. Accept your passions, even if people have a mouthful about why it shouldn’t be what it is. You are so strong; you don’t even know it yet.

Gear up, because you’re in for a wild adventure.

313 classes later,