It takes a lot to prepare for a Soul adventure, here’s what I carry with me:

Two outfits/ride: Lululemon is a must. High Times and Tight Stuff pants are my favorite to ride in, they stay up and are extremely comfortable. The Strap It Like It’s Hot bra and Energy bra provide the best coverage and support while riding; I can’t go anywhere without an extra one in my bag.

Sweatpants: I live in comfy clothing. If I’m not sporting Lululemon, I’m snuggled up in a pair of baggy sweats. When I’m heading to class in a cold city, like Chicago, I like to wear both my Lulu leggings and my sweatpants. My two favorite pair, packed for this weekend, are my SoulCycle X Target and my Gregory Siff Fleece Sweatpants.

Skin Care: Riding so much definitely takes a hit to my skin. To prevent breakouts and dryness I use the CeraVe products. I live by the Hydrating Cleanser and would recommend any of their products.

Snacks (haaay)I am the BIGGEST snacker. What I love to have with me the most is a box of Special K Red Berries Cereal Bars. They are SO good. I like them because they are a light snack but taste amazing and don’t make me feel sick if I eat it right before class. I try to forget that I have a sensitivity to gluten while I scarf a box down…

Computer/Camera(s): My computer is my life on a 13in screen. I don’t leave home without it. Since I have a lot of homework this weekend (shoutout to my professors), I will be taking it with me to Chicago as well! My Nikon Camera is my baby. I use it for photographing my adventures and also video taping my interviews with instructors! See my latest video on the NYC page (it’s super cool, I promise). My GoPro is my second favorite child. It’s amazing just to stick in my pocket for scenery shots, and if my camera dies, I can use it for interviews as well!

Hopping on a plane tomorrow morning– off to the windy city!