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19th Street: 3/13/16

Instructor: Erin T.

Why did I sign up for a survivor? This is what I kept asking myself over and over again before class this morning. For anyone reading this, who doesn’t know the different types of SoulCycle classes, a survivor is a 60-minute ride as opposed to the typical 45-minute ride.

I thought Erin was hilarious. She introduced herself as Erin T., not understanding why the T was next to her name because she’s the only Erin. Also, her music was everything that I LOVE. She played a Biggie Smalls and Andrea Bocelli remix that used to be my SONG. Check it out:


This class did not feel like a survivor; it flew by. I had so much fun in this class, and so did everyone around me. I will be coming to another Erin T. survivor in the future.

Union Square: 3/13/16

Instructor: Danny

Just like with Stacey, I had heard things about Danny before taking his class. The one description that was given to me that I could agree with after taking his class is that “he is a unicorn on a bike.”DSC_0035

Danny is FIERCE. His class was almost theatrical and entertaining, a distraction from how hard it was. At one point, I felt the wheel getting progressively more difficult without even touching the resistance. To my surprise, Danny was on the ground in front of me holding the wheel as I peddled. That was insane.

The connection Danny had with his riders was so pure and admirable. There was a lineup of riders waiting to speak with him after class, and he made sure to speak with each of them.

The class was a blast, and Danny was a rockstar.

Williamsburg: 3/14/16

Instructor: Ross

Last class of NYC and I am elated. I’m not sure how I accomplished seventeen studios, and a total of nineteen rides in just over a week. I am sad that I didn’t have my sidekick, Mama G, with me this morning—you were there in spirit!

Ross was very adamant that his riders remained present during his class; he wanted us to focus on him and be sure to follow the choreography. Ross’s message was that riders should be kind to one another and learn to love themselves. This tied back into all the community love that SoulCycle has developed.

Jumbo-08-juneMy journey may have ended in NYC, but now I am excited to be off to Chicago. I have said this plenty, but I cannot believe I am fulfilling this tour. I am meeting incredible people and loving every second of it.

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